- "Pulling Blues Out of The Sky"- Issue #4, December 1, 1999

Fish Tail Newsletter #4

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The Latest News of String-Twanging Guitarist Catfish Keith

Pony Run Ad, photo by Richard DorbinIn this issue:

New Pony Run CD is a hit!

Since the recent release of Catfish Keith's  Pony Run  CD (FTRCD006), the staff at Fish Tail has been overwhelmed with the response from Catfish fans around the world. Orders and congratulations have been pouring in from all over the USA, Europe and Asia. Thanks, everybody! Feel free to give us a call (319-338-3614, or 1-888-422-8347 toll free in the US & Canada) or  email Fish Tail            New!  Pony Run CD Review

Catfish Keith, the Racehorse?  Click here for full article
This is an article reprinted in full from the British newspaper, The Guardian, Thur, Nov. 26, 1999, in the Sport Section detailing the latest escapades of the racehorse that trainer Henrietta Knight named after the singer:

Folk Alliance Selects Catfish as Alternate Showcase Artist
for Cleveland 2000 Conference.

Catfish Keith is one of 22 acts selected from over 400 artists to be a featured performer in the official 12th Annual Folk Alliance Conference Showcase, held February 10-13, 2000.  The huge annual music industry conference brings together thousands of performing artists, concert and festival promotors, record labels, media, agents, and managers from all over the US, Canada & Europe.

Catfish will also perform and host showcases privately sponsored by Fish Tail Records and National Guitars in the Sheraton in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, Feb 10-13, 2000.

All-Original New Album

Plans are underway for Catfish Keith's eighth solo album.  This will be a collection of Keith's best original songs with legendary special guests soon to be revealed. This new album will be a departure from previous recordings, with combo pieces featuring stand-up bass, drums and of course loads of acoustic & steel guitar and vocals.  Bo Ramsey has expressed interest in producing the record, and a major label deal is also a possibility.  Watch this space for further developments!

Tails From The Islands:
A Letter from Catfish


Alright!  Our latest adventures have taken us to some great Island locales.  After New England in September we continued on to the British Isles, where I performed for a two-week concert tour of England and Scotland.  Penny and I have been there many times since our first visit in 1992, and the tour was our best ever!  We flew into London Heathrow, got our rental car, and off we went on the left side of the road, me driving from the passenger seat, hell-bent-for-leather down motorways, through big roundabouts, little roundabouts, and mini roundabouts (a knob in the middle of the road).

The tour began in Nottingham (by Sherwood Forest), and then continued up to the country village of Wentworth, near Rotherham in South Yorkshire.  The crowd at the Rockingham Arms was wonderful as always, pleasantly soaking up big pints of ale, bitter, lager and stout (don't just ask for "a beer."), and requesting half the songs I ever recorded.  God Bless 'em!

Then we drove over to Shropshire, going in and out of Wales, and played at the Three Tuns in Bishop's Castle.  This gig started as a private party a few years ago and has turned into a full-blown annual concert.  Then down to London for a concert at the Bridge Lane Theatre in Battersea.  We got to visit with our buddy Dave Oxtoby (the artist who painted the "Pony Run" CD cover) and then had a vacation day in Brighton.

Brighton is a holiday town on the south coast of England that is a great getaway spot.  Penny and I had a day off finally and decided to just be tourists for a change.  We got a little hotel with an ocean view, went to the Arcade on the pier, drank some wine, walked around town, bought another umbrella and had a nice Tandoori dinner.  Ahh...

On to Rochester in Kent, where I played at the Bottleneck Blues Club.  The drive over was partly up the southern coast, and there were quite a few of the famous White Cliffs (as in "White Cliffs of Dover").

Newcastle-upon-Tyne was our next destination, to play the Jumpin' & Hot Club at the Live Theatre on the Quayside.  The Geordies are a breed all their own and they really love the blues.  This is another special place on earth, and Shipcote and the fellas always make us feel right at home.  The strange, musical accent of that area is, well, unusual, like.


The tour continued north to Scotland, and we drove through rolling hills, nobody but us and a few sheep.  North past Edinburgh, over the Firth of Forth, up to Dundee Rep Theatre.  This is a brand new, beautiful 450 seat theatre that I got to "break in," being the first concert performer to play there.  The staff were teriffic, and it was an honor to play there.

The next night was in Glasgow, at the amazing Cottier's Theatre.  This was a huge, 1000 year old church that was recently converted into a theatre and concert space.  It was awe-inspiring to walk into the cavernous, tall-steepled church, with ancient stained glass, and a monster pipe organ.  I thought about all the people over the centuries that worshipped, prayed, got married, and baptised there.  The place was packed with ebullient Glaswegians, ready to have some fun.

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, and we played this time at the Cafe Royal.  Our Scottish Promotor and UK Publicist Dave Arcari put on this show himself, and it was sold out!  Dave is the greatest, and we really had a gas.

Back down to England to play Warrington and Coventry, then we flew home to Iowa for a day, then commenced to Kauai...

In our next episode:
Kauai, Hawaii

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