- String-Twanging Home of Catfish Keith - Issue #6, August 29, 2001

Fish Tail Newsletter #6

News of Acoustic Blues & Roots Guitarist Catfish Keith
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In This Issue:

Catfish at the Eiffel Tower

  • Catfish Continues Tours in 2001 in France, England, Scotland, and the USA.
  • Catfish's brand-new all-instrumental guitar album, "A Fistful of Riffs" Now Available!
  • Secure Online Ordering is here.
  • Fish Tail Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary
  • New Reviews of Homespun Video from Guitar Player, Blues Access and more.
  • Catfish to perform on "American Blues Festival" Tour in UK Theatres & Europe in 2002.
  • New Solo Album in the works.

  • Catfish Tours in 2001 in France, England, Scotland, and the USA.

    Catfish Keith is on the road yet again with concert, festival and workshop appearances all over the USA, and will return again to the United Kingdom in November, 2001 with appearances from Aberdeen, Scotland to England's South Coast. Catfish will return again to the International Guitar Festival in Birkenhead (near Liverpool), where last year he was the only artist at the festival to play to a sold out venue. Following the UK Tour, Catfish performs at the Blues-sur-Seine Festival near Paris, France. For details, see  Catfish's Tour Dates

    New all-instrumental guitar album, "A Fist Full of Riffs" Now Available!

    Catfish's new solo CD is now available here at Fish Tail.  "A Fist Full of Riffs" is Keith's eighth solo album, and features thirteen cuts, with several originals including string-twangers like "Fist Full" and "Mr. Catfish's Advice"on small-bodied acoustic guitar and bottleneck slide pieces on the National Baritone Polychrome Tricone Guitar such as "Freckles."  Buy It Here Online

    Secure Online Ordering is here.

    This website now features secure online ordering. Finally, you can easily order online direct from the staff at Fish Tail Records/ with your MC or Visa card 24-7-365. You can still call our toll-free line too (1-888-4-CATFISH) Check out our  Secure Online Ordering Page

    Fish Tail Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary!

    Way back in 1991, Fish Tail Pres. Penny Cahill started the label with Catfish's second album, the first Fish Tail CD, "Pepper In My Shoe!" We're still here, feisty as ever, and continue our faith in this music.  Fish Tail has released six of Keith's acclaimed solo CDs, gotten Number One airplay on radio stations all over the world, built a mighty mailing list of over 10,000 fans, and have been nominated for two W.C. Handy Awards for BEST ACOUSTIC BLUES ALBUM.

    Look for a new Catfish Keith solo release for 2002, and please do drop us a line,  email anytime.

    New Review of Homespun Video from Guitar Player Magazine!

    The new instructional guitar video from Homespun Tapes, "The Country Blues Guitar of Catfish Keith" has gotten some raves from fans and such magazines as Blues Access, (calling Catfish "the heir apparent of John Hammond"), and Guitar Player. Click below to see the full review.

    Full Review from April, 2001 Issue of Guitar Player

    Catfish on "American Blues Festival" Tour in UK & Europe in 2002.

    Catfish Keith is booked for his first-ever "package tour," performing in over 30 theatre venues throughout the UK as part of the "American Blues Festival Tour," which will start February 1st, through early March 2002. The tour features four American blues acts, and continues a tradition started in 1961 when Lippman & Rowe started "The American Folk Festival of the Blues." The tour will play in large theatres in the UK and will possibly resume in continental Europe later in 2002.

    New Solo Album in the works.

    Back in the studio again, Catfish Keith is now working on a new solo CD, this time an album of all-original songs, full of acoustic and reso-phonic guitars, singing, sliding, stomping and some back-up bass and drums to boot.  Look for cuts on the amazing new gold Tricone 12-string National, and other suprises.

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