Breaking New Ground for Blues
Live concert review of Catfish Keith's UK debut at the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival
from The Guardian, August 11, 1992
by Bob Flynn
Catfish at EdinburghMeanwhile in the superb marquee in the brewery gardens, the star of the weekend was quietly unearthing the roots of the blues with wonderful guitar playing and a fresh, tongue-in-cheek approach.

Catfish Keith was a solo revelation, playing subtle versions of lost blues songs using the classic small acoustic and national steel guitars on which he invoked the hard, complex picking and chord work of the original country bluesmen.

The extraordinary thing is that he makes each song sound new: tough songs are delivered with a smile and a nod of reverence with vocals that pursue the black edge of the music and the often overlooked sly humour of the ancients of Memphis.  See him if you can.

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