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Style O 14 FretStyle 4For guitars in stock, and more, take a look at: Why I Love National Guitars
Extensive info on all Nationals on their website:

Special thanks to my customers for the very nice Customer Testimonials

Catfish Keith's Price List for National Reso-Phonic & Scheerhorn Instruments

2017 Prices are effective Feb. 1, 2017. Prices are subject to change.

FREE SHIPPING in the USA (except Alaska & Hawaii), price includes hard case, no sales tax (except in Iowa).
Outside of USA & Canada, I charge actual shipping price.
Many guitars can be immediately available, please enquire.

  NOTE: Many instruments I have in stock now, I ordered before Feb. 1, 2017 have the earlier, cheaper prices.
See my main National page for these deals:
Why I Love National Guitars
New build orders and new stock orders will have current prices, listed below.

Thank you!    yours,  Catfish

Call me anytime at: 319-338-3614, email:


                                      My Price:        List Price:               

Dueco 12 Fret                $3720        list $4400         (in "Vintage" duco style finish)
Dueco 14 Fret                $3720        list $4400        
(in "Vintage" duco style finish)
Black Rust Deluxe 12    $2955        list $3500        ("Black Rust" finish, and a Charlie Christian Lollar Pickup installed with volume knob).
Black Rust Deluxe 14    $2955        list $3500        ("Black Rust" finish, and a Charlie Christian Lollar Pickup installed with volume knob).
The Collegian                $2615        list $3100         (14 fret, bullethole coverplate, "Aged Ivory" and "Galaxy Blue" painted finishes)
Triolian Polychrome      $3125        list $3700
Triolian Poly 14 Fret     $3125        list $3700   
Triolian 12 Fret             
$2615        list $3100
Triolian 12 Fret Steel    $2700        list $3200
Triolian 14 Fret             $2615        list $3100
Triolian 14 Fret Steel    $2700        list $3200
NRP 12 Fret                  $2615        list $3100          (includes standard green-grey 'burst paint, black, ivory, and B-Series "Black Rust" finishes)
NRP 12 Fret Steel         $2700        list $3200          ("Steel" is the rubbed nickel finish)
NRP 14 Fret                  $2615        list $3100          (includes standard green-grey 'burst paint, black, ivory, and B-Series "Black Rust" finishes)
NRP 14 Fret Steel         $2700        list $3200
ResoRocket Steel          $3125        list $3700
ResoRocket Painted      $2955        list $3500
         (includes standard green-grey 'burst paint, black, ivory, and B-Series "Black Rust" finishes)

RM1 Pioneer                 $3210        list $3800        
(in Black Rust and Chipped Ivory finishes)


Style O 12 Fret            $3210        list $3800   
Style O 14 Fret            $3210        list $3800
Style O Deluxe            $3975        list $4700
Style O Replicon          $3720       list $4400
Style N (brass)             $3720       list $4400
ResoRocket N             $3720        list $4400
Style 3                         $6970        list $8200           (Lily-of-the-Valley engraved single cone brass bodied guitar)

Radio Tone Bendaway    $2785        list $3300
Reso Tone                       $1850        list $2200
     (includes black, red, ivory and sea foam green finishes; sunburst is also available at an upcharge)
Reso Lectric Sunburst     
$2955       list $3500
Reso Lectric Revolver    $2955       list $3500
Reso Rocket WB            $3040       list $3600
M2 Mahogany                $2700       list $3200
M14 Mahogany              $2700       list $3200
Estralita Deluxe               $2870      list $3400
Estralita Deluxe 14 Fret   $2870      list $3400
Estralita Koa Deluxe        $3520      list $4150
El Trovador                      $3295      list $3900
El Trovador 12 String      $3635      list $4300
El Trovador Baritone       
$3635      list $4300
Triolian Wood Body        $2275      list $2700
Triolian WB 14 Fret        
$2275      list $2700
NRP Wood Body            $2530      list $3000
NRP WB 14 Fret            
$2530      list $3000

            (Scheerhorn are all lapstyle, squarenecks. You can get a Fishman Nashville Pickup installed for $305, my price)

Scheerhorn Mahogany      $2880
Scheerhorn Flame Maple  $3180                         
Scheerhorn Rob Ickes       $4080        (Spruce Top, Rosewood Back & Sides)
Scheerhorn Category 1     $4280        (Limited Series)
Scheerhorn Category 2     $5180        (Limited Series)


Style 1 Don                        $6100       list $7200
Style N German Silver       $4145       list $4900
Style N 14 Fret GS           
$4145       list $4900


NRP Tricone                            $2955       list $3500       (includes standard green-grey burst, black, ivory, and "black rust" finishes)
NRP Tricone Steel                   $3125       list $3700      ("Steel" finish is rubbed nickel on steel body)
NRP Steel Hollowneck  
         $4655       list $5500
NRP Tricone Cutaway Steel    $3550       list $4200       
NRP Hollowneck                     $4655       list $5500     (includes standard green-grey burst, black, and "black rust" finishes)      
Triolian Tricone                       $2955       list $3500
Triolian Hollowneck                $4655       list $5500


Style 1 Tricone                $3805        list $4500
Style 1 Cutaway              $4230        list $5000
Style 1 Baritone               $4145        list $4900
Style 1 Hollowneck         $5505        list $6500
Style 1.5 Tricone             $4485        list $5300
Style 2 Tricone                $4740        list $5600
Style 3 Tricone                $8055        list $9500
Style 4 Tricone                $8395        list $9900


Style 1 German Silver Tricone          $4230        list $5000
Style 1 GS Baritone Tricone             $4570        list $5400

Style 1 GS Hollowneck                    $5950        list $7000


M1 Tricone                          $3125        list $3700
M1 Baritone Tricone        $3635        list $4300

M1 12-String Tricone       $3635        list $4300
M1 Cutaway Tricone       $3295        list $3900


NRP Uke Painted        $1935        list $2300
NRP Steel Uke            $2105        list $2500
Triolian Uke                $1935        list $2300      


Style O                       $2530      list $3000
Style O Deluxe           $2870      list $3400
Style 2 Uke                 $3295      list $3900


Mahogany        $2020        list $2400
Maple               $2020        list $2400
Koa                   $2700        list $3200
Koa w/Rope B. $2785        list $3300    (Koa uke with Rope Binding on back, top and neck.)


RM1 Walnut, Aged Brass Parts, slotted coverplate                              $2785        list $3300
RM1 Walnut, Aged Brass Parts, slotted coverplate, Hotplate              $3125        list $3700
RM1-V Vintage Maple, "Steel" rubbed nickel parts, sieve coverplate $2530        list $3000
RM1-V Vintage Maple, "Steel" parts, sieve coverplate, Hotplate        $2870        list $3400

~ Any tricone and El Trovador single cone guitars can be ordered in Baritone version for $400 more.
ResoRockets and ResoLectrics are not available in the Baritone version. Tricone Cutaways can be ordered with Baritone neck.
~ 12 Strings are available on most guitars, at a $400 upcharge, 12 fret guitars only.
~ Koa upcharge $750.
~ NO upcharge for LEFTY guitars All Lefty instruments are true lefty; tricones are a mirror image of a righty tricone, position markers are on the top edge of the fingerboard on lefty guitars, just like rightys. NO CUTAWAYS ARE AVAILABLE IN LEFTY MODELS.
~ German Silver upgrade: $500. This can be done for any brass model, plain, etched or engraved.
    Note that German Silver upgrade for Hollow Squareneck Tricones is $1000 more.
~ Antique Brass Plating upcharge: $300, for brass bodies only.
~ Dueco "Vintage" grey-greenish frosted duco or "crackle" finish upcharge is $1300.
~ Add a Highlander pickup, installed at the National Factory:
    my price is $450 for the IP-1X for single cone guitar.
NOTE: These pickup installation prices are for build orders, on guitars not yet completed. Adding any pickup to an already completed instrument adds hourly shop rate of $100/hour (usually can be done in 2 hours). This is because the guitar needs to be taken apart, work done, then reassembled. The staff a National do a fantastic job with this; their work is highly recommended and will save you a lot of trouble in the long run if you want pickup installed.
~ Add National Slimline Pickup installed at National Factory: $280 on not yet completed guitars. See above for adding to completed instrument.
~ Add matching Hotplate: $400.
~ Add Strap Button installed at National Factory for $10 if added before completion, $35 for installation after the guitar is complete.
    All Nationals have an endpin/screw at the tailpiece, but need a strap button added if you want to play with a strap. Strap button is installed on the bottom side heel of the neck (the side towards the floor if standing in playing position).
~ PLEASE ASK ME about neck upgrades, headstock overlays, fingerboard inlays, or any other customizations for your guitar.
    National will do most of these things at a reasonable cost.

~ Upgrades and customizations are often combined for a lower cost. If National does not charge me, I will pass that savings along to you.

~ Painted finishes include: Black, Red, Sea Foam Green, Black Rust, Green-Grey Burst, Ivory, Aged Ivory, Galaxy Blue, Walnut Burst, Gold "Polychrome" & more...

Blue CollegianNote that my prices listed are the cash price, in US Dollars. Cash price includes check, cashier's check, money order, postal money order.

I am always happy to help you, and will work with you to make it happen. Any questions, please call or email anytime. Thanks!

yours truly,     Catfish Keith

Phone: 319-338-3614, email:

Photos, specs, and more at National's website:
More info on Highlander pickups at:
Thanks to my customers for these Customer Testimonials

For more information, take a look at: Why I Love National Guitars

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