~ New! M14T Thunderbox Denim $2860 AVAILABLE NOW!
The M14 reimagined: great all-Mahogany single cone 14 fretter is given a powerful reboot, with a 4″ deep body, like it’s 12 fret cousin, the El Trovador. This gives the guitar a new and deeper voice with even bigger projection and depth. A cool translucent blue finish shows the grains of Mahogany coming though, and it has a cool matching binding. Rubbed nickel ribbed sieve coverplate and tailpiece. An NRP-style neck, with a lighter natural finish, and slotted headstock with 3-on-a-plate tuners. NATIONAL is stamped simply at the top. Ebony fingerboard, unbound, and an Ebony nut. Man! Great new model from the cats at National!