Why I Love National Guitars

Buy Your National through Catfish Keith

I first met the founders of National Reso-Phonic in 1997, over 20 years ago. That led to me becoming a National Artist, then it eventually grew to me being  a dealer, too. McGregor Gaines, his wife, Marie Nordlinger Gaines, and Don Young were the co-founders, and we had many great adventures together. Don Young passed away in April 2016, as did Marie in 2008. McGregor went on to pursue other interests after Marie left us. Jason Workman is now the owner of National. He worked there since 1996, for years as Shop Foreman, along with Administrator-Production Manager Shanon Smith and the crew. They are making the best instruments ever, and I’m truly honored to be part of it.

I love doing this. When musicians order instruments through me, I still get a vicarious thrill when they get their National. It’s exciting to me.

I sell Nationals and Scheerhorns, (spider cone lapstyle intsruments now made by National) that are stock models as well as customized instruments. There are always dozens of Nationals immediately available, ready to ship, WORLDWIDE.

I offer FREE SHIPPING in the USA (except Alaska and Hawaii) and a National hard case and, if you are in the USA, no USA state sales tax (except in California & Iowa). I also offer some of the best prices and do my best to provide timely, personalized service.

I really enjoy realizing the player’s dream of putting together a unique, magic instrument, whether it’s a Lefty guitar, a Baritone, 6 or 12 String. Steel, brass, wood, German Silver. Single Cone, Tricone. Uke, Mandolin, Electric Guitar, Tenor, Plectrum, Octave Mandolin, Piccolo Guitar, any odd number of strings…

Pickups installed, special duco or painted finishes, etched or engraved models. Inlays, bindings, special action, custom neck profiles, custom engraving, and more.

For full catalogue and details on how to order, please click here.

“For anyone looking to buy a National I can’t recommend any shop or person more so than Catfish. His passion for all things guitar, his love of the music and his connection to National make him “the man.” He communicates well and often and makes the experience fun and exciting. If anyone is thinking of a National Guitar they couldn’t do better than going through Catfish Keith. It’s like going through a trusted friend. Wonderful.”
John Harrington, San Diego, CA

“It has been an extreme pleasure doing business with you. I have never encountered such a high level of customer information and service. I hope that once I become proficient with this guitar, I will be contacting you for the purchase of another resonator. I hope you and your family have a very happy holiday season and that you continue to make artful, deeply felt music!”
– Ronnie Floyd

“Buy from Catfish! I have bought two National Resophonic guitars from Catfish, one is a custom, and one is a standard, and we are working on possible third custom guitar. Let me say this, I buy guitars not only as a player, but also because I feel I can  bring a work of art into being. I have worked with individual sellers as well as guitar retailers on ebay and other sites; I have worked with vintage and artisan guitar outlets and I have worked with the mass retailers; but, with Catfish, it was a completely different experience. Not only can he tick off the specifications of the guitar, he can assist you, in the case of custom guitars or standard guitars, as to  what you really need given your musical interests”
– Donovan Cunningham, Minneapolis, MN